Lake Toplitzsee

The lake is located between the Grundlsee and Kammersee at 718 meters above sea level. It is 2 kilometres long, 400 meters wide and covers a total area of approximately 0.8 square kilometres. Toplitzsee is fed by two waterfalls as well as an underground inflow from the Kammersee. The outflow ultimately drains into Grundlsee. The lake has a depth of 103 meters, whereby the water from a depth of more than 20 meters contains no oxygen.

However, this doesn’t mean that the lake is completely barren. A discovery, one that above all, meant something to biologists, was the ‘Toplitzsee’ worm which has found an ideal habitat in the oxygen-free and sulphurous water in the depths of the lake.

Legendary reports of treasures from the Nazi era ensure that the Toplitzsee is well visited every summer and treasure hunting has been carried out by divers and even submarines in the lake. Between the years 1943 and 1945 gold reserves of the Third Reich and objects of art were said to have been sunk towards the end of the Second World War.

However, in numerous extensive explorations of the lake, only a large number of counterfeit English banknotes could be found.
The notes, made in concentration camps under Operation Bernhard, were a German plot to destabilize the British economy by flooding the UK with the fake money.
The search for treasure has inspired numerous expeditions, several mysterious deaths, plenty of books and even a film as early as 1959 – „Der Schatz der Toplitzee‘ – ‘The Treasures of Lake Toplitz’.
The best way to explore the lake is by taking a trip on one of our Plätten boats – a flat-bottomed boat unique to the region, that were once used in the salt trade and which have been popular with tourists from all over the world for years.
Within the framework of the “Three Lakes Tour” Grundlsee, Toplitzsee and the Kammersee are explored. The best way to get to know the simply stunning natural beauty from another perspective is, of course, by boat. In the midst of the breathtaking mountain scenery, the almost mystical lake completes this unique landscape.