Lake Grundlsee

Grundlsee is a beautiful crystal clear bathing lake in the Aussee region. The majestic mountains of the Toten Gebirges provide you with the best mountain scenery around. Grundlsee is therefore, a superb lake for recreation, relaxation and pure enjoyment.

Grundlsee is located in the Styrian Salzkammergut and is a typical alpine lake fed by two smaller lakes in the area, Toplitzsee and Kammersee. It has an area of 4.22 square kilometres, and a length of 5.7 kilometres. The main town on the lake is the municipality of the same name – Grundlsee.

With our two motor boats, MS Traun and MS Rudolf you have the opportunity to enjoy an unforgettable time at the lake, as well as enriching your holiday experience. The drinking water quality of Grundlsee ensures excellent visibility in the water; therefore, fishing is one of the most popular activities of visitors to the area. Particularly tasty is the “Grundlsee Char”, which is similar to lake trout.

In winter the lake is almost completely frozen.