Our excurion fleet at Grundlsee & Toplitzsee

The motor passenger ship Rudolf on Grundlsee

Our motorized ship “Rudolf”, formerly “Fürstin Kinsky” and “Rudolf Erlbacher” was manufactured in 1903 by the Linz shipyard with the construction number 456. Until 1954 it was powered by a steam engine with a total output of 25 HP. In 1954 it was equipped with a diesel engine and in 1965; the ship received its appearance as it is today.
Our passenger ship MS Rudolf is 19.5 m long, 3.5 m wide and weighs in at approximately 21 tonnes.
Maximum capacity is 60 people, of which 45 passengers can be accommodated in the interior regardless of the weather.
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The passenger ship MS Traun am Grundlsee

Our motorized passenger ship “Traun”, was manufactured in 1972 by the shipyard in Linz with the construction number 1223. The ship is equipped with a diesel engine.

The MS Traun is 13.95 m long, 3.05 m wide and weighs in at approximately 9.5 tonnes.
The vessel is approved for a maximum of 49 people, of which 30 passengers are seated in the interior, regardless of the weather. In addition, there are a further 12 seats in the outdoor aft area.

Our Unique Plätten boats at Toplitzsee

A truly once in a lifetime experience are our Plätten (wooden boats) at Lake Toplitzsee, where you can feel the connection to nature most intensively.
With a maximum capacity of 25 people per boat, you can enjoy the idyllic beauty of the landscape while crossing to the neighbouring Kammersee.

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