Conditions of carriage

Braun & Co GmbH
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The shipping company Braun & Co GmbH is looking forward to welcoming you as a customer on board!
In the interest of safety and a trouble-free operating procedure, we ask you to observe the following:


I. Statutory provisions:

Austrian law exclusively applies.
For boarding, landing bridges, gangplanks, approaches and stairs/steps intended for this purpose should be used to embark and disembark. Passengers may not enter or leave the vessel until permission has been granted to do so by the ship’s captain or by another representative of the shipping company.

Passengers and other users of the jetties must behave in such a manner that they do not interfere with the safety of the shipping traffic.

In the interest of safety and navigation, passengers and other persons on board shall comply with the instructions of the ship’s captain or other agents of the shipping company at all times.

Persons who are a threat to the shipping operation or are a considerable nuisance to other passengers will be excluded from transportation and landing docks respectively.

The landing sites are exclusively shipping facilities. It is therefore, not permitted to tie up sailboats and other swimming objects!

II. Behavior of Passengers:

Passengers are not allowed to:
1. open the exit doors or barriers without authorization
2. block corridors or adjust escape routes and exits
3. not permitted to throw objects of any kind into the lake
4. contaminate the ship, especially by throwing away cigarettes or ash
5. sit, stand or climb on the benches, tables or the ship’s railing
6. climb to the roof or scuffing rib
7. disturb the guests by means of inappropriate calls or gestures to or by swimmers
8. unduly disturb the ship by making unnecessary noise without the consent of the captain, or to operate tapes, radios and the likes
9. consume alcoholic beverages brought along personally.

The tour guide of a travel company or the supervisor of a child or youth group is responsible for his / her travel participants and must ensure that the group complies with the provisions of business and conditions of carriage.

The shipping company is entitled to demand compensation for cleaning or repair costs from persons who contaminate or damage the ship or equipment. In particular, the ship’s toilets are to be kept clean.

The distribution of advertising material is only permitted with the express permission of the shipping company. It is not permissible to offer, sell or consume goods on the ships without authorization.

III. Exclusion from carriage:

1. Persons without a valid ticket
2. Persons suffering from a notifiable disease
3. Persons who may disturb other passengers by their untoward behaviour or who could contaminate the vessel
4. Persons who, for reasons such as e.g. drunkenness, inappropriate behaviour, etc., would obviously be annoying to the rest of the passengers and the crew
5. generally children under 6 years without being accompanied by persons aged at least 14 years and over
6. Persons carrying firearms with the exception of members of the public security service
7. Persons who do not observe the mandatory regulations and who do not follow the instructions of the ship’s captain and other members of the shipping company in order to maintain safety and order on board.

If the exclusionary reason is perceived en-route or occurs after the journey has commenced, the passenger must, at the request of the ship’s captain or another member of the crew, leave the ship at the next landing stage in order to maintain safety and order on board.
If this is refused by the passenger, the nearest security service will be notified via the on-board communication system and the ship will wait for the security forces to arrive.

IV. Tickets:

Tickets are to be redeemed at the ship’s cashier, point of sale, on board or at the sales office of Braun & Co GmbH.
In the event of a ticket inspection, please show a valid ticket.

In order to correct any mistakes, the passenger has the compliance to check the ticket price with the amount paid. Objections raised later cannot be taken into account.

If a passenger refuses payment, he/she is obliged to prove his/her identity. In addition, a penalty can be levied in accordance with Article IX (1) (2) of the EGVG (“Fare Dodger”).

The purchase of a ticket does not entitle you to a seat.

Parents with small children, pregnant women as well as physically impaired persons should be preferentially given seats.

V. obligation of carriage:

1. There is in principle, no obligation on behalf of the shipping company to transport anything or anyone; with the exception that it is the scheduled service according to the published timetable of Braun & Co Gmbh.
2. Transportation due to high water, low water, storm, fog, inclement weather, violence or other reasons can be cancelled without prior notice or substitution.
3. The shipping company is not liable for delays, cancellations and their consequences or consequential costs. Tickets already released will be, after presentation refunded. Braun & Co GmbH reserves the right to change the prices or the timetable.

Transport of luggage and animals:
Objects which a passenger without hindrance, harassment or endangering other passengers and which can be stored under a seat or held on the lap, is considered hand luggage.
In addition, each passenger may be required to pay a fee to be set by the company for travel baggage to be transported.
Animals are allowed to be carried, and pets have to have a valid fixed price ticket.

The following items are excluded from transport as hand and travel luggage :
1. An item exceeding a single weight of 20 kg
2. Items which cannot be loaded due to their nature or their size
3. contents of foul-smelling, dangerous items, such as explosive, highly flammable goods or corrosive substances
4. Bicycles – if there is insufficient space on the ship

The shipping company is not liable for any loss or damage which may be due to defective packaging or to the special nature of the goods.
Animals may be carried if they do not harass or hinder other passengers.
Dogs must be kept on short leash.
Dogs weighing above 10kg must have a suitable muzzle.
A specially agreed fare must be paid for pets.
In the event of damage caused by an animal, the animal owner shall be liable for damages.

VI. Lost and left items:

Any objects found are to be handed over by the finder to the ship’s personnel, who in turn, will pass the items onto the nearest responsible authority.

There is no entitlement to a reward from the shipping company.

If there is no doubt as to the original owner of the found item, the item can be handed over to the owner immediately.

VII. Liability

Any damage to persons or objects must be reported immediately to the ship’s captain.
In case of injury or death of passengers, the shipping company is only liable for the culpable behaviour of its personnel according to the Austrian statutory laws.

Passengers who contaminate, damage the vessel or equipment are liable to pay compensation for damages. The shipping company is entitled to carry out cleaning or repairs immediately.
For damage to property the liability of the shipping company is excluded, unless it has emerged that the damage was caused by gross negligence or wilful misconduct on the part of the employees of the shipping company.

VIII. Miscellaneous:

1. Other agreements must be in written form only.
2. Should individual provisions of these terms and conditions of business and promotion be legally invalid the validity of the remaining provisions shall remain unaffected. (So-called”Salvatory clause”)
3. General terms and conditions of business by contracting authorities are not binding on the contractor.
The terms and conditions of business of the shipping company apply exclusively.

IX. Court of jurisdiction:

Only Austrian domestic jurisdiction shall be deemed to have been agreed upon. It is understood by all parties that any dispute arising out of this contract, of whatever kind, is to be placed exclusively with a competent jurisdiction court at the place of business of the shipping company.

X. Cancellation conditions:

If purchased tickets are unused, there is no entitlement to a refund of the ticket price.
Cancellations are only accepted in writing and the following cancellation fees apply:

For public scheduled shipping as per the timetable, the cancellation is free of charge up to the day before travel.
In the case of cancellation on the day of the journey, a cancellation fee of 50% of the ticket price will be charged.
Without prior cancellation or notification – 100% of the ticket price.

In the case of charter and special trips, cancellations up to 1 week prior to the date of the event to the amount of 50% of the charter price.
Later cancellations 100% of the total charter price will be charged.
To protect against annoying cancellation costs, we recommend a European travel insurance.

XI. Foto- und Filmaufnahmen:

Der Passagier räumt dem Beförderer  ein zeitlich uneingeschränktes Nutzungs- und Verwertungsrecht an allen Foto- und Videoaufnahmen, welche vor und während der Schifffahrt entstehen, ein.

Salzburg, Januar 2016